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  1. Why are we surprised? Pretty much very new version since way back in the version 4 days has been horrible! I will say that this one takes the cake though. It's so dysfunctional, I had to take it off of my machine and go back to the previous version to even use it. (Thanks for offering the prior version by the way, I guess I should at least give credit for that.) We seem to see this cycle over and over. Releasing software that is sooo bad it cannot even be used, then hoping it isn't updated to another train wreck before it's fixed enough to be functional again. We seem to only get about a year or two of useful software before it gets destroyed again in the name of a new revision. Please understand, it is not that Evernote is the best software out there, it's the functionality that Evernote tries to convince is it can do, that is. Great design, horrible, horrible execution. Is anybody listening? Please fix this. My life is in there. (I've tried to get it out, but the export function isn't working either.)
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