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  1. Yes, in the last couple of days I improved my tags, and you are right, that is very flexible indeed. Now let's hope that we can overview long notes in the future at a glance via a collapsible structure within the note!
  2. Totally agree on this one. I am a premium member for years, and I have collected thousands of notes. In my work I want to be able to search through them quickly, attach every type of document (pdf, ppt etc) but also want to have a clear overview of each note via collapsible toggles. I think evernote should really put more effort into improving its hierarchical structure outside and inside a note, in order to keep up with the user- friendliness of its competitors. Of course you could suggest that there are other apps on the market for this feature, but I find that for example an app like
  3. Yes exactly! Or does this already exists in Evernote?? I thought only a normal toggle list (non collapsible) was possible...
  4. Hey Evernote, I really would like a collapsible toggle list (like a toggle list in Notion). That would give a lot more structure in making notes! Is there something like this coming up in future versions?
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