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  1. I just got an email suggestion to fix this problem. I hadn't tried it yet but it included clearing my data which I don't like.
  2. Having the same issue on Chrome when accessed on my Chromebook. When I used Chrome on my work laptop it stalled but eventually the page loaded. I have not tried on any desktop. Tried a third party browser, and got the same problem. So I am just replaying to get notifications on the topic.
  3. I know that I don't need premium to use the benefit of the update (whenever it is available). I just decided with the premium feathers and the benefits of the new role out it will be beneficial for me again. So was looking forward to giving it a try but obviously a wait is in store. Thanks for responding.
  4. I have Android 10 but I still haven't gotten the update Evernote App. I know this is on a whole que system and its going to be some weeks for the role out but uts been about 5 or so weeks right? Any clue on when all v.10 will be rolled out? Those updates are the reason I went premium again.
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