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  1. no you're perfectly right csihilling . I know it used to work this way, when I printed a note it was with the pdf - like a picture. I'm a heavy evernote user (premium) and have a lot of note's with several pdf's. There is no possibility now (at least I can't find it) to print the information from the note with the pdf. If I print a note I even don't get a reference to the pdf that's in the note, if there is only a pdf in the note and I don't print the header I get a totally white page. If I do print the header then it's only the header and nothing else that suggests that a pdf belongs to the note. I can't imagine that that is useful for anyone.
  2. I work with Mac, I can't find the tools button there, or in the web version
  3. I have a lot of notes with pdf's, I want to print the note with the content of the pdf, how can I do that (I only get blank note's or just the header).
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