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  1. Te Evernote team has really done it this time. You cannot export a notebook as a ENEX file anymore. You are really stuck. You cannot even migrate from this program any longer !
  2. Notes are not printing with pull down meny>print. Also in scratchpad if convert to note the note cannot be printed.
  3. SORRY, I posted in wrong area !! Using Mac not Android
  4. If you use the pull down menu with notes and try to print, the note will not print. If you have content in the scratchpad and convert to a note the note will not print. Really needs to be fixed really soon.
  5. I cannot believe that this issue has not been solved. I would have expected nothing less than 24/7 by the software engineers and coders. This is a failure by management and leadership. Really tells you a lot about the soul of the company. Yes, like many others I am looking at alternatives.
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