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  1. Hello, v 10.1.6 build 458351 public Editor: v109.0.14125 Service: v1.20.26 I am navigating a list of notes in my notebook using the up and down keyboard and either deleting or performing other operation on the currently selected note. If in reach a note that does not have a body but only a title (i.e. a reminder note), the focus is automatically shifted to the note instead of staying in the note list. I can no longer navitage to the previous/next note or performa notes list shortcuts (like delete and so on)
  2. I can do that, but I don't see any other post with the title edited with "resolved". Isn't marking my answer as best answer the right way to do it?🤔
  3. Hello, I have just discovered this on a couple of notes. These notes are very simple and created by me (not clipped) in the "legacy" Evernote a couple of months ago. They contain pictures, formatted text, links and checklists. On Evernote for Mac legacy they display fine. The content also shows up in Evernote for iOS (new version) On Evernote for Mac the notes show up completely empty. No content at all
  4. Thanks, it works. I guess what fooled me was the inability of using CMD-A to select the entire content of the tag fields. If I can I will change the subject of this topic
  5. Yes, you call out the box, start typing ahead and getting very happy seeing the result list below the search box being populated..... Until you press arrow down to pick one of those entries... no luck 🙂
  6. --- EDIT --- Copy and paste tags works, but CMD-A does not work in the tag field. This forces selecting tags one by one or with CMD or SHIFT ---ORIGINAL--- In the "old version" the tags field was basically an input box that reacted to "," to separate the tags Also allowed copy and paste of tags between evernote and the clipboard and other applications. i.e. the tags in the images are simply a string like this "testtag1,testtag2,testtag3" Now you are forcing the user to use the mouse all the time. Completely wrong and not ergonomic.
  7. The old version had this super useful feature. When pressing CMD-J it showed a finder like search box with typeahead. Much better then the "new version" search box that forces me use the mouse all the time!
  8. In the "older" version there is an entry "Top list view". Actually very useful since it allows seeing and scrolling the selected note content in full width at the bottom The "new version" forces me to have the not preview on the right and the content is squeezed unless I am working on a wide screen with evernote maximized
  9. Hello, I have sent this using the build in feedback but I will post it here so other can contribuite: 1) Sorting I navigate to reminders from "All Notes" and click on the "Reminders" header. Here I see the list of notes, the reminder symbol, date and time (if set) are shown I click om "..." in the to right corner and choose "sort by". I can only choose "Reminder date, Title, Date updated, Date created" In all this setup, I have no clue from which notebook the reminder is from. I would love to see the reminders grouped by Notebook. This could be "switch" in the menu "..." called "Group by notebook" 2) Marking as done As I can see, the only way to mark a reminder as done is to access the "..." note menu in one of these two ways: a) either by "swiping the note" in the view, then selecting "...", then "edit reminder" , den "mark as done". That is 4 steps b) or by "opening the note" in the view, then selecting "...", then "edit reminder" , den "mark as done". That is 4 steps Could you please add the "mark as done" to the swipe menu or Add the "mark as done" directly to the "..." menu? Thanks
  10. Thanks a lot for the feedback. At the moment of the crash, I was at the latest release (not from App Store) online updated (I always stay updated). Since I urgently needed to work with it, I ended up deleting all my local data from Application Support folder. Currently, I am resyncing with the server and cross my finger that when done, I won't be having the same problem on startup. If I do have the problem I will definitively try the beta and give some feedback
  11. Hello, since a couple of days ago, my Evernote crashes every time I start it. I have noticed that if I turn off wifi and stay offline, Evernote starts, I can see the list of tags and notebooks, but the list of my notes is empty (I have more then 5000) As soon as I connect to wifi evernote crashes I have tryied uninstalling and re-installing the latest evernote. It did not help. Any suggestion?
  12. This is a great idea and I am using it with one additional modification the applet field "Tags(optional)" is configured as follow: ifttt, {{Message}} In this way, when sharing a link to the Facebook page, I can add a comment in the form tag1,tag2,tag3 and the evernote note is automatically tagged
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