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  1. thanks for the protip on logging in to web client! was able to file a ticket/send an email. now just waiting to hear back from their team.
  2. all 2FA/SSO aside, im trying to deactivate my account— which is the real issue here. i can’t access an evernote help ticket, bc im not a paid member. so i posted this on a forum hoping someone on their team can deactivate it for me.
  3. thanks for your comment! i dont have 2FA enabled, which probably could’ve helped prevent the hacks. on the video with me going through the deactivation flow, it took me to SSO through my gmail. i think there’s a bug on their backend preventing me from going to the right page to deactivate. not sure if it’s a deliberate strategy to increase friction and reduce deactivation volume... but it’s really frustrating.
  4. i’m thoroughly impressed that evernote’s deactivation flow really lives up to its company name. evernote. so y’all made it impossible to delete accounts. in the last three months, i’ve had countless notifications that my account was accessed by random devices in vietnam, turkey, pakistan, brazil, india. i wish i could say these were all me, but it was 2020 last year and we all know no one went anywhere. everytime i got the notification i just changed my password. to which, my account got hacked again. multiple times. i would have been completely okay with another random account in
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