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  1. Happened to me today too. I was at a store, took some images and wrote text. In total I would say 5 notes with 1, 2 or 3 images and some text in each note. I have turned off 3G sync, and relied on wifi sync when I got home.

    I noticed the Evernote iPhone app crashed a couple of times at the store, but the data seemed to be there.

    When at home, Evernote synced on my Mac some remaining items it had not yet synced from a shared bookmark notebook from a friend. When this was finished, I trusted "now it should be safe to open the Evernote app on the iPhone and let it sync the notes I took (and images) from the store".

    But no. Every note from the store has dissapeared from my iPhone, and was not synced. I don´t know why, but this should not happen to a serious brain like Evernote. Brain malfunction :-) I would really like some information on whether I just had really bad luck, or if this is a problem you (Evernote team) are still working on.

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