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  1. Oh really ? I had no idea, I thought they published multiples releases since v7.x, I did not checked regularly given that updates were smoother. I'm on Windows 10. If v7 is the public version before v10 then yes I feel safer to install it.
  2. Hello, "legacy version" is version 7.x The needed version would be the one just before the major upgrade (10.x) so we need version 9.x I'll try to find it somewhere else.
  3. Hello, any news on this ? I have material in my own language and some in english so my notes are constantly full of red underlining Before version 10 we could disable it in tools but lots of options have disappeared from the menu, that's bad. Bring back this option please, it's not nice to see constantly.
  4. Hello, since the last major upgrade of Evernote, I face the problem that everything is blurred badly the menu is not readable, the notes are like blurred/greyed : - it's only happening in Evernote - I have a classic Windows 10 Pro, a standard nVidia GeForce GTX 1060, Evernote 10.5.7 I don't do Windows OS updates, only security updates. Windows version is 1041.685 with Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0 - I found that topic : It improved the blurring problem, but if I don't have Evernote as the current active program, it comes back to blurred (example, if I'm currently using Firefox, but Evernote is opened on another screen and passive). I never had this problem with Evernote before the major version upgrade. I was thinking to install the previous offical version that was perfect, but the only older official version is a 7.x so for the moment I fear to loose things if I migrate from v10.x new format to so far back in time.
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