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  1. I've given staff access to our Evernote account log in info. But because they don't use it regularly, I thought they needed a nudge by seeing the full catalogue in a file that I attached to their email with very detailed instructions on how to access and use the resources. It's not ideal because, as you point out, the catalogue has to be updated regularly, but I needed something they could review in a medium that was more familiar to them. (baby steps)
  2. I work at a private foundation with two mission areas: social justice and conservation. There are many resources (polling data, articles, published studies, reports, etc.) on topics we care about. This is information that can be helpful to staff. I have created notebooks for each mission area and one for general philanthropy topics. I developed a taxonomy to use for tags. All resources (i.e., notes) are tagged with multiple categories in the taxonomy. I then created a catalogue of these notes by copying note titles for each tag category and converting the resulting links to text (in Mac version: Command+Shift and K does this). The catalogue is in a note and in a Word table with 2 columns. Notes are listed by tag. In the first column is the note title and in the second column is a list of all the tags used for that note. This was a time-consuming exercise, so if anyone has a better idea for knowledge management of this type, I'd love to hear it.
  3. dlu, I'm using my office email (not Yahoo). It's our own server and the App River filter is catching notes I email to myself, which is strange. I told the filter that the notes are not spam so they are now reaching my inbox, but I can't send to my coworkers because their emailed notes will also go to spam. I might be able to get our IT people to correct this systemically and I'll check into that. For now, I'm emailing notes to myself and then forwarding them to colleagues.
  4. So I found out that the note was going to my Spam filter and I just corrected the filter settings. What that means is that if I can now get notes via email, I'm going to send notes to me and then forward them elsewhere to avoid the notes from going into colleagues' spam filters. One extra step.
  5. No, not there. I sent the note from my Mac desktop Evernote to my work email just to test it. It never arrived.
  6. I tried emailing a note from Evernote to my work email but it never arrived and I haven't seen it in my spam folder. Is there some way I can check on this?
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