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  1. I answered my own question, phew. I downloaded the old/"legacy" version at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314 . And immediately unchecked "automatically check for updates" . I guess this is the evernote that I'll be using until I can find a better program. Still shell-shocked that Evernote would do this.
  2. How do I do that, "downgrade"? I'm still flabbergasted at the Evernote that I suddenly saw on my laptop this morning; I can''t believe how bad it is.
  3. Ah, I see. Indeed it was the web clipper, and nothing to do with the latest Evernote update. Thx.
  4. This version has changed the way you choose the notebook to which you save a clip or a note; I used to just be able to type a few letters from the name of the relevant notebook and it would just appear, but in this new version I have to scroll through dozens of even hundreds of notebooks, often unsure of exactly where the target notebook is located. The old way (typing a few known letters of the notebook's name) was much easier for me; can that function be restored?
  5. "Simplify formatting" has gone all strange in 6.6 - I used to use it all the time to remove pesky formatting, but when I use it now (or when I try to paste simplified text using shift-control-V) it just creates a big mess of text and symbols on the screen.
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