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  1. UPDATE: I worked on a few simple trials and discovered a solution. In the message Preview Pane (does not work if the message is open), Select All to grab the entire message body and copy. Then, using the Evernote Desk Accessory Icon in the menu bar, Choose Paste to Evernote (or ctrl-cmd-V). This grabs the invisible URL and pastes it, along with the message body and subject into a note. It does NOT get the date of the message, just date of capture. Not a bad limited solution though. have no idea if it will work in Outlook, Entourage or any other mail program.
  2. I am equally (and more) confused. Somehow I accomplished exactly what you intended, once. And now I can't repeat it. I have a Note that is the exact text of an email I received, and in the url there is a message link to the message (via my exchange server). This was the result of some magic keystroke as I would never have know the following url (message://%3cE7DBCCFB02B0CC4EA482A443BC ... ver.com%3e) Also, I did not copy and paste the body text, that was part of the magic sequence. Any ideas? I've attached a screen shot so you can see I'm not crazy, it really happened. BTW, OSX 10.6.8, Mail 4.5 (1084), Evernote 2.0 (116546) [attachment=0]evernote_mail_clipping.jpg[/attachment]
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