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  1. No problem! I hope it works for you after you’ve tried the settings I got from Evernote support. Leila
  2. I got the answer below from Evernote support. That solved the problem for me. I unchecked the box and now both default, @ and # works 🙂 Could you please check if the auto filling is enabled on your Evernote app? This option may place the email in a notebook they're not checking, disabling it will add the forwarded emails to their default notebook. You can go to https://www.evernote.com/PersonalSettings.action and please check if the auto filling is enabled. Let me know if it works for you too @fotofah
  3. I tried to send two emails now. My defulat notebook is called Default but neither of the 2 emails ended up there. Instead one ended up in a notebook called Private and the other one in a notebook called Work. I also tried to send an email to my notebook called WbL by writing @WbL in the subject field. It ended up in the Default notebook with the text @WbL still in the subject. I also tried to send an email to my notebook called WbL by writing @WbL in the subject field together with a the tag #Moms. It ended up in the CORRECT notebook but without the tag, it was still in the sub
  4. I agree. There’s something not working as it did before with emailing to Evernote. 1. if I don’t mention any specific name in the subject it shows up in a notebook that is not my default. 2. if I mention a notebook and add a subject it ended up in my default one and not the one I mentioned. 3. if I mention a notebook, add a tag and a subject it ended up in the notebook I mentioned but not with the tag. That was still in the subject field. I emailed from my iPhone. Leila
  5. I have the same problem. When I email my Evernote account the note doesn't get created I my default inbox. I tried to email with prefix @ and the name of another Notebook then my default one. The note the appears in my Evernote account but in my default notebook and not in the one I wrote the name of after "@". Does the prefix work for you? Leila
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