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  1. Same issue here. Problem started when I updated to EN (276127) I have no shared folders. Occurring on multiple installations with various operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  2. PRISM is nothing but an upgrade to an decades old process. Contrary to the OP's request here is my (experienced) opinion. If you have information that you are concerned about others knowing, never, ever store it "in the cloud", or on your local device unless it is strongly encrypted. As has been documented for many years now, the NSA began (warrantlessly) monitoring our communications in the nineteen sixties. Contrary to the media-promoted myths, warrant-less monitoring was in full swing many years before G. W. Bush got anywhere near the White House. Just Google for "echelon program" plus "NSA" to get an understanding of how very not secure your information is now, and has been, when governments are involved.
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