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  1. My force close problem was gone on Beta2 this morning after fixing a problem i had with Location services. I did load the Beta 3 and verified it was still gone. everything sems to work as expected. Thanks for the prompt response!
  2. I just noticed that Evernote beta 2 force closes whenever I try to create a new note. I uninstalled and installed the market version and it runs OK. i tried to reinstall the beta 2 version and get the same results. I am running evernote on my Xoom running Icecream Sandwich. By the way, all other functions seem to work (i.e. view notes, notebooks, edit notes etc..)
  3. Another example would be would be to eliminate the Month divider block between notes. For those noteboooks that I only store a few notes a month there may be three or four blocks just that have no purpose but to show the number of notes in each month and year. This consumes a lot of screen space for no value added. The notes themselves are dated and can be sorted by date without the parsing block. Robert
  4. Is this version available on the market? When I go to the market on my Xoom all I see is an older version. I have tried it on both the android market and on the amazon market where I originally downloaded from.
  5. Love the program, seems to work very well on my Xoom. The new menu for creatiing new notes is very helpful. The layout works very well on my tablet. I like having the logbook list down the left aide wiith note previews in the remaining screen. Tow suggestions: [list=]I would like to be able to display tags within a specific notebook I don't like the wasted space of the large block with the date or letter, etcetera. I would rather just have the notes. They can still be in date order or alphabetical order without putting the blocks as seperators. At least make it optional. Assize from that it works great, thanks and keep up the good work. Robert
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