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  1. To zhambo and others with this problem. I found a solution that works great for me. Although I still do believe that thismost certainly is a bug (one that you don't find it almost any other program) and evernote is breaking OS standards, I don't care about the problem any longer. Why? I found flux. http://justgetflux.com/ The problem with windows high-contrast mode is that you still have whites and blues (when the contrast is reversed). It is almost impossible (esp on the web) to avoid this harsh, bright (an in the case of blues), sleep-cycle affecting tones. Flux, in my opinion, i
  2. I'm not certain if this is a bug in the eyes of the devs (or please tell me if I'm wrong, or if there's a workraround), as I assume they think their custom theme is the best thing since sliced bread and why the heck would anyone want to use anything else. BUT.... Unlike EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM I have on my computer (eclipse, chrome, firefox, windows explorer, thunderbird, etc. etc. etc.) evernote does not obey the inverting of colors or 'high contrast' themes. This is important for people who: * have visual impairments * want to save battery * want to work at night with less visual stress
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