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  1. Dear developers, In my note I use some rear fonts for the texts in Sanskrit language. And Evernote for Windows can work with such fonts. But in Android Sanskrit texts look badly - just see:
  2. Dear developers, Previously I had been reported about the but with notes sorting in alphabetical order, so thank you for fix that. And since Evernote 10 was released, one very much disturbing for me bug has appeared. Please just see the video (from 0:11, sorry). https://youtu.be/_bnU64hRmeI?t=11 Regards, Abhinava.
  3. Just look on screenshots. I have a system of notebooks in my Evernote. Just see - when I try to sort alphabetically all the notes in the parental notebook, it works wrong. But if I try to sort the notes in the local notebooks which included in this parental, so to say, global notebook, it works properly. So the same problem I have in Evernote for Android. Please pay your attention to this bug. Or, maybe this is not bug but some new feature? Please clarify this to me. Sinsirely yours, Abhinava.
  4. Mm, now in the latest version of Evernote for Windows we have the same problem there! Is it really bug or feature?
  5. Dear developers, I would like to post a trouble that bothers me for a long time. I need to sort my notes which have names like "1.10.2" and "1.2.3" by name. And proper order in this case should be: "1.2.3", then "1.10.2", and on Windows it works properly. But on Android the order would be different with same sorting settings: "1.2.3", then "1.10.2". So is it possible to fix the sorting function on Android?
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