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  1. Had been using Noteability (great app / acceptable integration with Evernote -- export to PDF/Evernote). Thought to try Penultimate (appreciate having the note immediately in Evernote -- and viewable, without having to jump through PDF hoops). And I just lost 20 minutes of meeting notes with my manager, discussing my priorities for the coming months. Twenty minutes into the meeting, the screen went black as we were talking, and everything I'd written was gone. Gone. Guys. This application cannot just go black screen and lose everything. You're better than that. This is unforgivable. I'll be using Noteability until you prove yourselves worthy again. And I mean REALLY prove it. If I weren't so dependent upon Evernote, you would've just lost a very long time paying customer.
  2. Would be great (more efficient) if there were a keyboard shortcut that provided the ability to insert rows and columns within tables. (And maybe even a shortcut to insert a basic table, 2x2?) Thanks for listening to this suggestion. John
  3. I second this request! Collapsible bullets would be very helpful.
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