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  1. Wondering why a note (picture) shared to Facebook shows as a thumbnail in the timeline instead of the full size. Clicking on the thumbnail shows the note (picture) full size, but I don't want people to have to leave the time line to view the larger note. If I share from my desktop the picture is shown full size in the timeline. So why does Evernote send thumbnails and the desktop send full size notes? Any ideas please.
  2. Yeah - well - I appreciate the replies here. Thinking I have the 'gist' of EN but still a long way to go. I can already see the advantage to fewer NBs.
  3. Ok, I see I have to rethink my organizational 'style', I'm just used to having many (folders / notebooks). I guess for an example then ... Instead of having a notebook for Mac OS I could have a notebook - Computers and tags for MacOS. In this example I'm not sure what a higher category for Computers would be. Likewise, software, printing, networking and on and on would be tagged. This will take some getting used to.
  4. I see. sort of. I guess as being new to EN I find myself creating quite a few new NBs but have to admit I'm creating more Notes than NBs. I'll have to do get more accustomed to tags too.
  5. I'm a little amazed that creating new Notebooks is a Menu Bar item or alternatively created with a modifier key. Aren't Notebooks the central organizing scheme? The top level of organization? Seems to me there would be a Toolbar icon for new Notebooks, or perhaps I'm missing something. I'm a new user so maybe that's the problem, maybe something I haven't figured out yet. Thanks for any clarity.
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