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  1. Dear community, I was experimenting with Evernote and AppleScript and ran into strange errors, AS telling me that it can't handle my code regrding creating new notes from files... and such. After a little research I noticed that there seems to be no dictionary (AppleScript Editor Open dictionary Shift+Cmd+O) Evernote in Applications appears grey. I've been trying both versions, from EN website as well as EN installed from the AppStore. Serveral clean uninstalls and reinstallations too, I can't get my scripts to work. I also tried "tell application id" as to specify the absolute application path, no difference. Does anybody have similar issues or know how to solve? Thanks very much in advance & happy new year!! Thorsten
  2. Dear community, Im new to Evernote, well not really new but let’s say I haven’t been using it like I want from now on. There is one big thing that bothers me very very much, I’d love to know how you would do in my situation... I really would like to go all paperless but keep track of all my company’s documents, which are quite a bunch. Basically I’ve been looking for a DMS for Mac/Win/iOS but no available solution made me feel comfortable. I was using DEVONthink for a very long time but the limitations on iOS and Windows bug me very much. So, After a lot of research and analysis what I Need, best product seems to be Evernote. So I created a business account and started importing my docs. Im able to search for content in all the PDFs I uploaded, that’s really awesome, but reorganizing everything is quite a lot of manual work, so I was wondering if there are options to tag notes (PDFs) automatically by its contents. For example a PDF contains the word „invoice“ it should get tagged with „invoice“. I suppose the informations are available, as I’m able to search for and get correct results, so I hope there’s a chance for content based tagging too?? Thank you so much in advance Thorsten
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