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  1. I'd like it if there was a option is the widget section to add the notebook and note, as it seems as if thre is no widget for it. Having all the widgets on the android widget section as well as in app will make it easier for us to see that there are actually more widgets available. I think the 'Add to homescreen' button is tucked away and I thought it was for adding to an in app homescreen. In conclusion, the 'add to homescreen' button is unclear in purpose (so maybe rephrase to 'add to phone homescreen' or 'make into widget), and its function should be added to the android widget section.
  2. It's great having the ability to use widget for a notebook or note. However many of us organise notes into many notebooks, and I don't see why there is no option for a widget that takes us straight to all notebooks. If you could simply add the 'add to homescreen' functionality to 'Notebooks' that would be great.
  3. Currently there is still no option for anything other than All notes to be the opening page for the main app. I don't think we should have to resort to using a different icon (although it is a small work around), the Evernote widget, for what is a very simple idea. Just allow the landing page to be all notebooks, a notebook or a note. It seems counterintuitive to make us have the mess of the All notes be the default page when there are so many organisational options for notes and notebooks.
  4. I can't believe this still isn't a feature after 6 years of this thread. But as said you can choose one notebook then click on the top right and add to home screen on android, so that you have an icon that goes to a notebook instead of the Evernote app. Still not ideal but it has to do.
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