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  1. On Dec. 16 staff member Austin G wrote If this blank notes issue continues after updating to 10.5 please let us know: If the issue impacts all notes in the account. Check to verify if it occurs with notes in different notebooks If the about page is blank. Select: Help > About If selecting File > Quit, (not the X icon) and reopening Evernote fixes the issue I'm using Windows 10 and running Version 10.5.7 Build 2171 Public, which as of this moment is the latest version available to download. The answers to Austin are Yes, Yes, and Yes. This has been going on for weeks now. Why did this suddenly become a problem when you had perfectly good software before you updated it? I can't believe you're charging nearly $100 a year for this service and a) you let this major bug slip through your pre-release testing and b) you're taking this long to fix a program that has become virtually unusable. This is intolerable.
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