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  1. I just want to add a different perspective: isn't this kind of another bad sign this dev team is lacking competency? I mean, accidentally pushing code to production is sort of like a sin in software development, especially when it involves hundreds of millions of users. There'll likely be no improvements to performance for a long time, if ever, given that their new code base already has one foot stuck in the mud. They're clearly focused on new features like this and not on plugging the holes. To me, this seems like another obvious indicator the product is going the wrong way.
  2. I gotta be honest, this can't be more than a few lines of code if any at all. They could presumably just swallow their pride and comment out or not call the dialog box in the first place. This is an embarrassingly easy fix. Really speaks volumes to the quality of product we can expect going forward.
  3. I was preparing to head to Nimbus as I do like a lot of what I saw but beware, as of now they, do not offer a way to export more than one note at a time. At least, not from what I found.
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