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  1. No I’m having the same problem. To clarify I cannot access my mobile app I should say. So when I want to jot something down when I’m out and about, like everyone else, I can’t use Evernote on my phone to do that. I can still access all my notes on the desktop/ web, but I find it redundant to add new notes because most of the new notes stem from when I’m using my phone which is why I’m suggesting Google Keep. i haven’t looked into importing, like I said I’m using Evernote for old notes and Google keep going forward with new notes.
  2. For those looking for a new simple basic note app that you can access across platforms, Google Keep is good. Depending on what you’re looking for, It doesn’t have the bells and whistles that Evernote has, but if you just want to write basic notes and access them across all devices, it’s perfect and you use your gmail account if you have one to access it. I think premium just gives you more space. Im not going to migrate my Evernote notes and will keep it as it is on my desktop. But my biggest gripe with this current issue is that I can’t access my mobile notes (I write and jot down story ideas to expand on later) on desktop. I know choosing a new service is annoying and I tried google keep and it works for the basics.
  3. So they're saying their App is actively blocking you from logging into your own account and their solution is to use your own VPN to work around that. SMH. They obviously did an update that caused this problem and are too lazy to fix it because most people probably have the latest IOS.
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