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  1. Yup, there it is. Thanks for your help. However, if anyone from Evernote is reading this, I think that is a very obscure and non-intuitive location. I believe moving that icon to the top level bar on the left would be vastly superior. Simple and intuitive. Anyway, thank you DTLow for hanging in and taking the time to help. Much appreciated.
  2. I finally got a screen capture of my iOS Evernote app added to a previous reply. As you can see, no tag icon.
  3. Here is a screen shot. I have swiped in all four directions and done a long press on the top, sides and bottom of the window. I have looked in to settings for a switch to turn it on. Nothing worked. I'm officially at a loss as to what to do next. Help files and FAQs are useless. I'll try again in the AM. I'm tired and frustrated now and may be missing something.
  4. I just realized that your screen may be on the iPad Pro version but not on smaller screen versions.
  5. Nope, nothing hidden. The only way I can get to tags is by going to search and start typing. As I type, a drop down list of choices appears which shows tags containing the characters I've typed so far, among other options. The new version only shows a list of tags under user icon>settings>manage tags. They are not hot links, only a simple list. I like to use a scrolling list of clickable tags as memory joggers. I have over 500 tags and sometimes forget where I filed something until I see a tag that reminds me. Your example is the way it used to be and I miss it very much.
  6. On Evernote for iOS 8.1 on both my iPhone and iPad (both iOS 10.2.1) that tag icon is not there. Is your screenshot an Android device?
  7. Simplicity is not always better. I just want to be able to scroll a list of my 300+ tags, tap on one and see a filtered list of notes with that tag. Just give me a tag icon on the left that shows my tags as a clickable list and I'm happy. Reducing functionality in the name of simplicity usually goes to far. Tags are a big part of Evernote functionality. You're losing sight of that.
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