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  1. Dear all, I am writing just to express my discontent. Every time I use the app, my MacBook slows down considerably. I checked everything, it has to do with this software. It is the only one that has this effect on my laptop... It has become almost impossible to use. Also, when I actually try to use it, the upload time of a document has become really long and the search function has become less and less helpful... I gave feedback, asked for support, nothing changed. What is going on with Evernote? I really do not understand. It seems that also many other users are unhappy. Has Evernote understood what is causing the problems? I am a premium user right now, but I do not know if I'll be one for much longer considering that it has been like this for months now. I usually do not rant on fora, but the fact that things are not improving concerns me. I hope that Evernote has planned to provide a solution as soon as possible. Thanks for your time. Regards, Tocqueville
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