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  1. I'm using Android and there's no drag and drop. Only on web this did work.
  2. I couldn't find any way to sort my favorite notes, there's no drag and drop. Is there another way than to remove and add it back again? They seems to be sorted by the order I added them.
  3. I see, well Pinkelephant surely sounded like a representative in his post 😅 Plus I'm amazed at how active a forum about a notes app is, you guys have thousands of posts over here. Thx, good to know.
  4. That makes sense to me and is a sound analysis of all the aspects that I didn't consider from all angles. You guys are pretty smart I must say by the quality of your product EN and the few postings that I read from you. Atm I'm grateful for the free version for now even with having one less device included. If my financial situation improves, I'll get the premium in a blink of an eye. Btw there was an offer with a discount for an annual subscription, is that valid for 1 year only or does the price remain discounted?
  5. Hi, I am a long time user, I was using phone and tablet for free plus the web on PC. 90% of the Evernote functions are unused by me, I only use Text and rarely add one picture, that's about it. Since you decided to count Web as 1 device, I exported my notes to another app Nimbus Notes. It doesn't have these restrictions on the free version. Still I would pay up to 2$ for Evernote, as a liked it a bit better, even though Nimbus comes quite close and is free for a user like me. I don't need most of the Evernote functions like Webclipper etc. All I need would be a free device limit
  6. I agree with this comment, I actually replaced EN with Nimbus, if there was a 2$ tier I would've considered just for the web client in addition to the 2 android devices (Phone +tablet) EN is an overkill feature wise for me anyway, I don't use 90% of its functions at all.
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