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  1. For sending a note as an email, I must type the e-mailadress of the person that I would like to send to the note to. Evernote only 'remembers' the last e-mail adres that I have used. This means that I always have look for the precise e-mail adress. It would be very useful if: there would be an option to save e-mail adresses and to be able to choose from this list when sending a note; orsending note as e-mail would open one's e-mail client (gmail, outlook, etc.), where one could simply use its adress bookHow do others think about sending notes as e-mail?
  2. Hello all As there are quite a lot of Fujitsu scansnap users on this forum, I hope somebody can answer my question. I use my Scansnap S1300 to scan documents into PDF's into Evernote both with and without adding OCR. The advantage of adding OCR are evident but for large piles of paper it takes quite some extra time. Often, I doubt whether I really need OCR for a particular document. It would be very helpful if there was a way to add OCR at a later date when it turns out that I indeed want to search the text or copy paste fragments of it. Does anybody know whether this is possible and how? Many thanks.
  3. You can insert rows and columns with the right mouse-click. Resizing proceeds automatically.
  4. Same problem here. Very annoying.
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