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  1. I'm using Evernote on a Windows 8.0 Desktop. Every once in a while, when editing a long list and switching back and forth between programs, Evernote will take my one long list and subdivide it into many smaller lists - as evidenced by the spacing before and after each list. Has anyone else experienced this? Any clues for prevention? Thanks.
  2. It's been some time since I checked in on this topic. I've always figure that it's something they'll eventually get to if enough folks find the feature to be of value. In the meantime, I've been outlining in Word and then pasting into Evernote when I need depth or special format. That seems to work pretty well as a stopgap. As a writer, the format I'd most like to see is: I. A. i. a. II. ...
  3. When I edit notes on my Motorola XOOM (Evernote 4.2.1 for Android) it will sometimes only allow me to edit by section or paragraph - as separated by carraige returns - and sometimes will allow me access to the entire text. This does not appear to be a function of note length. I have some very long notes where this does not happen, and some shorter ones where it does Is there a way to toggle this "feature" on or off for my notes?
  4. Honestly, this is one of the things that I would like to see most. On the other hand, I'm easy to please in this regard - all I need are a few basic outline formats and I'd be off and running.
  5. ...just downloaded the new 3.4 Beta, and it works like a charm - now very intiutive. Thanks, Evernote!
  6. HI Folks, this may be a simple question (or at least I hope it is!)... When using Evernote on my Android 3.1 Xoom, when I select edit note, it gives me the ability to edit the Note Title, but I can't seem to get the cursor into the actual text of the note for editing. There are two "..." areas at the top and bottom of the note that bring up pop-up screens that allow you to type, but saving those don't appear to have any effect on the note after saved. I figure I'm missing something simple on this...
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