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  1. Old thread but perhaps someone come here looking for an answer. Everything synced and worked fine but the list of notes were empty. Somehow the View - Note List - Show Note List (F11) had gotten deactivated. Activating it with F11 again solved the problem for me.
  2. Hi! How do I discard/cancel saving of a new note on Android? Kind regards, Lars
  3. Hi! When I share an internet page from my web-browser on Android to Evernote, EN takes a screen shot/screen capture of the web-page. Where/How do I disable this feature? Grateful for help. /Lars
  4. Hi! On Android when I share to Evernote from my web-browser I (still) can add tags and choose to which notebook to add to before I save to EN. When sharing from other apps, like File Expert or Camscanner, I can't find how to do that. I think it was possilbe in the previous version. So, my question, how do you, in the new EN Android, add tags and choose to which notebook to add to before I save to EN on Android from other apps than web-brosers? Grateful for help. /Lars
  5. Hi! Here's my solution for putting offline notes and notebooks on my Symbian phone and reading them offline with Opera Mobile with a better overview/index than just one long html-page. Should work on any phone running Opera Mobile and I guess other web browsers for that matter. Symbian's built in web browser didn't show the special swedish letters correct though. Not to smooth solution but not to complicated either. [*] In EN Desktop using search, selecting notebook and/or tags I filter out the notes I want to have offline on my phone. [*] Sort the notes by clicking on a column name. [*] Mark the notes to export (ctrl+A for marking all filtered out notes). [*] Right-click the marked notes and select Export notes... [*] Click Advanced and choose what information to include in the exported notes. [*] Choose export as multiple html-pages. [*] Save to a new folder with a descriptive name. >>> The notes get saved as separate html-files named after the note titles. If there are images in a note they get saved in a subfolder also named after the note title. EN also puts an Evernote_index.html-file containing a simple index list over the exported notes. [*] Transfer the folder to the phone. I prefer to zip it first and unzip it on the phone. (Symbian's built in File browser app handles zip-files very well.) [*] Start Opera Mobile [*] Put in the adress to the phones local harddrive/memory card. For my memory card which has got the letter F the adress looks like this: file://localhost/F:/ [*] Then you can click your way through to where you put the exported notes folder. [*] In the exported notes folder you finally click the file Evernote_index.html. Of course you can and should save addresses for your local folders and also directly for the Evernote_index.html file as any other bookmark for future use. [*] Then opens an index page with all the exported notes titles You can also open each note's html-file directly from the folder. You can only search for keywords within each open note or the index. Some file browsers (not the symbian built in) can search for text within files and then you can search for keywords (like the Tags if you chose to include them when exporting) and get which html-files contains these words, I hope someone finds my tip useful. /Lars
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