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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you for your helpful comments! Using AppCleaner to fully uninstall, and then reinstall did the trick. Thank you @PinkElefant for this tip. Must have been a corrupted preference file or something like that. Good to know there is such a helpful community out there! 🙂 Best, Sander
  2. Hi, maybe somebody here has the same issue? I just updated Evernote to 10.5.7; right away, Evernote crashes. The error message is (translated from Dutch): "Something went wrong on our side, our apologies. Please restart Evernote" with buttons for Restart and Close. Both buttons only cause the error message window to reappear, this will only stop when I force-quit the app. I am on a macbook air running Catalina, 10.15.7 with latest updates. I already tried: - uninstalling the app without deleting the files in the Library, no joy - uninstalling the app AND deleting everything
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