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  1. I will have to give it some time to see. I wasn't able to identify the exact timeframe, but I will report the progress. Looks like 10.6 is a bigger update. Fingers crossed
  2. According to App Store, I'm running the latest version. EDIT: Somehow I had to open the Evernote detail manually to reveal the update 👍
  3. Running: v 10.5.7 build 458420 public Editor: v114.1.14753 Service: v1.25.2 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved My problem is the same on 2 different MacBooks. I keep open Evernote all the time. After some time I noticed, I can't open any note. The note content is always blank, I can't even create a new note, because the main content section is always blank. I have to quit Evernote and start again. As you can imagine, this is not what I want from the tool where I pay a subscription. What to do?
  4. Please, please, stop messing with your core users. I do not like this change, please make it optional.
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