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  1. Hello vkjrsp I'm very happy with the Evershaker app for iphone - so that would be a good model - and just one more thing: I'd like boolean logic on the tags eg "ideas AND neuroscience" I hope that helps Bob
  2. Thank you ever so much for the mac script and more recently for the EverShaker app - I've just been using it this am to look at all those posts tagged "Ideas". Thanks again Bob
  3. Hello Jefito In answer to your questions: Could I just carry on using Excel? - I suppose I could - but things work most simply if you're not forever copying data around. The use of a random generator? - to boost my/ your/ everybody's creativity! - just every now and then the generator would deliver two consecutive random notes (say two ideas, or an idea and a fact) that lead the viewer (me/ you/ anybody) to a combined idea which is more powerful than the two alone. Try it! Bob
  4. Hello Everyone I've only been using EN for about a month, and already I've got 170 tags. Maybe I can collapse them? A cloud might help me decide. Any ideas please? Thanks a lot
  5. Hi I use Evernote to record all sorts of stuff, including ideas I've had and interesting things I've read. I used to use a local copy of Excel for this, for which I had created a random note generator. I have found such a random turnover of notes boosts my creativity because it increases the probability of "ideas having *****" and multiplying. So, can I have a random note generator on both platforms I use - Windows & iPod - please? Or indeed on all - to benefit everyone. Thanks a log. Bob PS the catchphrase of ideas having ***** comes from Matt Ridley's stimulating book "The Radical Optimist" >>>> READ IT!
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