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  1. OMG! Now in a loop of being locked out of Evernote online. Logged in on iPhone using same credentials, but EN says no such account for same email. So try to get some help and says you need to login and then won’t let you login. There is an upgrade button for support :( Anyone else have similar problem in EN online in Win10 and a fix? Or maybe Evernote support could help me? hmm...
  2. Yes, I too am a huge fan of Evernote so my workaround was to give up on the problematic app and use the web version which is great for sync. So, I send content to Evernote, then check on iPhone to confirm. That’s it - go the web version and it will be there also. For me, the web version is great experience.
  3. Another Evernote Windows update, but still no Sync. Useless app without it. WAKE UP Evernote!
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