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  1. Scanning directly to Evernote on the Mac requires the full version of the software to be installed. You should be able to install it from the CD, or download from Canon's site.
  2. Hey Chris, That's an awesome idea! If you don't mind me "borrowing" it, I may start a shared notebook for 7D owners. Thanks for the tip!
  3. I've started keeping a notebook of movies I've seen, as well. I generally use the IMDB app on my iPhone, find the movie, then use the in-app email to send the movie to my Evernote address. Has been working great for me so far!
  4. Skitch has the benefit of seamlessly integrating with Evernote. Also, the markup tools are simple and effective, and it's easy to drag and drop from Skitch. It's a dedicated clipping tool, so it might work better for what you need. I haven't checked on this latest version, but you used to be able to specify which format you wanted when exporting from Skitch. I'm a fan of PNG for screenshots, so I haven't looked for it in the current version.
  5. Hi terlen, On the Mac, I generally just drag and drop images from the Evernote client to my desktop. Just out of curiosity, are you using Skitch to clip your screenshots?
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