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  1. For everyone using this on a Mac and have an issue, install from the App Store, and the issue is resolved. I've already mentioned this as the solution above. But people don't seem to read and just continue to complain.
  2. I think I found the solution! So I took some time because I was testing it.. so far I don't think it has updated itself. I installed directly from the mac app store. Not through the website download. And it has remained unchanged for about two weeks, whereas I received almost daily updates when I was using the manually downloaded version. My mac app store is not set to auto download app updates. I am always prompted for updates through the mac app store. It has been two weeks and the app store version has not been updated.
  3. This is all okay. But the question is, how do we stop auto updating on our Macs. You have not answered that at all. While we want the new features presented, it is in no way under their privilege to forcefully push updates. Updating an app is under the user's control. And that does not mean they can downgrade a user to the legacy version and make them forego all new features. Auto-updating should not be a part of the new feature bundle? I am still testing Evernote before making a subscription and thinking of moving away from my previous note app. Everything works perfectly except this part. The reason I need auto-updating to stop is because I travel and work a lot and I depend on tethered mobile data for my WiFi. In such situations, I don't want to waste my precious mobile data bandwidth to update an app for reasons I didn't ask for. I believe they should implement an off button for updates like any other Mac app.
  4. Yes please. I would like to know the answer to this too. I am on Mac as well and the updates are too frequent and consume my tethered mobile bandwidth unnecessarily.
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