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  1. I have previously had luck with the website version of Evernote, which, unlike the App Store version, didn't suffer from the "empty note list" problem described above. But the most recent website version (7.0.3) now also suffers from this problem again.
  2. That's disappointing: I've just updated to the newest release today in the hope that this issue was finally fixed. I was wrong. Whenever I switch to a notebook or search that returns an empty list and then switch back to one containing notes, the displayed note list will appear empty though the note count above it shows the correct number.
  3. This is getting ridiculous. It's been about two months, and this serious note display issue still has not been fixed. I understand that pretty much all software will have bugs at one point or another, but a serious bug of this sort should be a top priority. It's really annoying to encounter it practically every time I use the desktop app. It cannot possibly take more than a few hours to track down and fix this sort of rendering bug. Two months and going is _way_ too long!
  4. Agreed. This issue is apparently annoying people on pretty much all platforms. The setting should at least be configurable, and my sense is that most people prefer the note title as default.
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