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  1. I've tested on Mac and Web (with video/gifs of the behavior in my post), and the behavior is broken: on Web, extra bullet points are added, and on Mac, extra whitespace is added. I also tested on Android, and the behavior is not broken: no extra whitespace or bullet points are added.
  2. Evernote recently broke how I cut-and-paste bullets to re-order them in a list. From the dawn of text editing, if you cut a bullet point that includes the trailing line break, paste it back into the list, then it moves the bullet point. Examples of this include: (1) Google Docs, (2) Word, (3) all the past versions of Evernote prior to a few months ago, and (4) even this editor that I'm currently typing in. Yet, Evernote decided to break this recently, and when I contacted Evernote Support, they tell me that it is the "expected behavior." I've recorded video of this behavior in both Evernote Mac and Evernote Web: https://imgur.com/PoidGUL (Evernote Mac) https://imgur.com/a/Fb0lpXJ (Evernote Web) Can some other Evernote users confirm whether this "expected behavior" makes sense? If not, please help me convince Evernote to change this behavior back to how it's worked for the last several years.
  3. I personally prefer to have my left bar expanded, so that it is about 1 inch wide. Using this, I rely on the "Shortcuts" and "Recent Notes" lists for 80-90% of my work in Evernote, using the notes listed under each section to access frequently used notes. With the recent change, both of these are indented at least 1/2 centimeter, and that causes a LOT more of the note's title to be cut off with my 1-inch view of this area. Additionally, the "(+) New Note" button is way too big. I much prefer the previous location, but maybe other users had trouble finding it? It would be great if we could hide this (along with the Work Chat button I will never use). I really wish we could customize the layout of Evernote, even if it meant editing some config file -- thus not easily accessible to most users. This new design is MUCH less friendly to use for the reasons I describe above. PLEASE consider changing this.
  4. I just received the 5.6.0 Evernote update on my mac, and bulleting appears to be behaving better thus far (specifically, the copy-and-pasting of bullets from one note into another no longer experience formatting issues; instead the paste takes on the existing bullet list's formatting). It may be too early to say if all issues around bulleting have been fixed, but thus far it is looking like a step in the right direction. Thanks Evernote team!
  5. Bullets are still a daily frustratration for me in latest release under OS X. Today's frustration: item 1item 2subitem1subitem2In this document, I cannot reorder "Item 1" and "Item 2" by cutting "item 1", adding line break after "subitem2", pasting, and Shift-Tabbing to adjust indentation. When I Shift-Tab, the "item 1" line loses its bullet. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many other users' summarized frustrations apply to me as well. Please fix. For example of how it should work, look at Google Docs. If the problem relates to copied in rich formatting, have an option to indicate where the rich text is maybe?
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