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  1. Thanks to everyone who provided advice and links. I've uninstalled v10 from my Pixel 2 (yeah, I know it's a dinosaur) and installed the 8.x. For me, the worst thing about the "update" was the inability to work with encrypted notes, or to encrypt notes at all, on my phone. Inexcusable. I'm okay for now, but if they make it impossible to use this legacy version, I'll have to unsub and delete my account. Anyone know of any good note services that do a good job with (phone-accessed) note encryption?
  2. I have long been a paying user. I am appalled that I must now de-encrypt my data to edit it, during which time it is openly saved to Evernote servers. I am still more appalled that Evernote has know about this problem for months and offers no solution and no further reassurance that a solution is on the way. If Evernote does not fix this soon, I will drop the service. This is nothing less than an inexcusable betrayal of the privacy we paid for when we signed on to a service that offered encryption.
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