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  1. Following up again to this. Feeling desperate. Since deleting and re-downloading my app, the problem has begun again. On Saturday night I wrote an important note on iOS, clicked the check to return to list view and within a literal second the app cleared the content of the note and made it “Untitled Note”, with no body. I watched the title and preview go from populated to cleared in front of my eyes. Maybe it’s a sync issue? It’s thinking that the blank yet-to-be-populated version of the note in the cloud is the up-to-date version? BAAAAAH HELP PLEASE. I’ve trusted so much to Ev
  2. As a follow-up: Today, I checked my notes, and the note referenced in scenario 3 above (Created 12/20/20 at 6:45pm) is not visible on any account, including iOS. That makes it a repeat of scenario 1. I've deleted the app on my phone and re-downloaded it. I've done some sync testing and it seems to be syncing actively now. So maybe it was an issue on my iOS app?
  3. Hi - Long time Evernote user. I've had sync issues recently that has led at least once to fully losing a note. I rely on Evernote for its main value proposition - helping you remember everything. If things start getting lost, I'll have to consider migrating. Instances: Lost note Friday, Dec 11 (personal account) - Created note on iOS (fully updated v 10) Sat, Dec 12 - Note not present on iOS. Check browser. Not present. Access to note gone Early December - Created note on personal account on iOS. Shared to work account. Accessed on both b
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