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  1. Following up again to this. Feeling desperate. Since deleting and re-downloading my app, the problem has begun again. On Saturday night I wrote an important note on iOS, clicked the check to return to list view and within a literal second the app cleared the content of the note and made it “Untitled Note”, with no body. I watched the title and preview go from populated to cleared in front of my eyes. Maybe it’s a sync issue? It’s thinking that the blank yet-to-be-populated version of the note in the cloud is the up-to-date version? BAAAAAH HELP PLEASE. I’ve trusted so much to Evernote.
  2. As a follow-up: Today, I checked my notes, and the note referenced in scenario 3 above (Created 12/20/20 at 6:45pm) is not visible on any account, including iOS. That makes it a repeat of scenario 1. I've deleted the app on my phone and re-downloaded it. I've done some sync testing and it seems to be syncing actively now. So maybe it was an issue on my iOS app?
  3. Hi - Long time Evernote user. I've had sync issues recently that has led at least once to fully losing a note. I rely on Evernote for its main value proposition - helping you remember everything. If things start getting lost, I'll have to consider migrating. Instances: Lost note Friday, Dec 11 (personal account) - Created note on iOS (fully updated v 10) Sat, Dec 12 - Note not present on iOS. Check browser. Not present. Access to note gone Early December - Created note on personal account on iOS. Shared to work account. Accessed on both browser work account and personal account on iOS throughout month. Friday, Dec 18 - When trying to access on work account (browser), note disappeared from Shortcuts and All Notes list. Searched for it and found it - it was BLANK, including no toolbar. Booted up PC app. Same exact presentation of blank and no toolbar. Other notes accessible on multiple platforms App is still accessible on iOS through personal account, through which it was created. Note not syncing across platforms Tonight, Sunday Dec 20 (personal account) - Created note at about 6:45pm on iOS. Continued to write in it till about 7:15pm. 7:20pm tried to open up note on computer (browser) to continue typing. Note not present on browser. Still is on iOS. 30 mins later, still won't show up on browser This is a lot and is shaking my confidence. Thoughts on any of the above?? Thanks, Cameron
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