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  1. @Shane D. in my case I logged in with my mobile (1 out of 2 devices) and I was sent to the device management since evernote suddently identified my mobile as 10 different devices, which I believe it must be smth like 1 device per each single evernote access (just speculating...). Note: the id's it showed were all different. For the first and second time I could remove the devices manually, but now I can't do it anymore since I reach the monthly limit of 2 device sync. Basically, I am currently out of Evernote until 2021 and that's a pain! Is there any way you can support me on this?
  2. Same problem here and I CANNOT find a way to contact customer support! In my case, somehow my iPhone connects everytime as a new device and currently I am logged in with 11 different devices. But as you all, I cannot unsync anymore and I am blocked out. @EVERNOTE please help!
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