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  1. This request has been made by other users and the thread is marked as resolved, but this issue is not resolved. This morning I installed the latest version of EN on my macbook only to discover that the manual synch and manual save features are no longer available. I immediately researched and discovered that I was not the only user missing these features, but the "resolution" was listed as being that the new version of EN automatically saves and synchs. I have had problems with auto synch working in a timely manner so I ALWAYS save and synch before I leave one workstation. I decided to test ou
  2. The "new and improved" automatic synch is NOT an improvement. Upon installing the "latest and greatest" version of EN, I tested out the auto synch feature, only to discover that my concern that the auto synchs would not keep up with my natural pace moving between devices was valid. I edited a note by typing in "this is a test" on the mac/desktop version of EN, WAITED until I saw "saved" in the bottom right corner, then picked up my phone and clicked on the EN icon, only to see that the note where I typed in "this is a test" only had "this is" included ... incomplete synchs are not helpful reas
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