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  1. Thanks this worked. Actually I saw the evernote update window blank. I knew there was an update. but I just could not see it. So I opened the main app and when to updates and its blank. Just did file quit and it back and now I am updating evernote.
  2. Yes it syncs automatically maybe everyword but there are still real world cases where the button is essential. 1. Internet problems so you can manually sync get a ok message before you close the damn thing. 2. when installing the PC version I type something and I just hit install and relaunch. Then I go away forget all about it. Then come back and see the note I typed is gone or there is new note window but no title in there. Now this is where it makes EN redundant. You just cannot remember it. 3. Same thing happens when I am sleepy. Right now Its 1:24 AM I got up from my sleep to make a
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