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  1. According to the site, free accounts may sync to two devices, not including web browser usage. Now, Evernote keeps locking me out saying web counts as a device. (It doesn't literally say this, it just pops up a "drop a device" message.) The only devices shown are my phone, tablet, and the web browser one that I'm in. So there's two devices and browser. Is this an error? I hope Evernote hasn't reduced the "free browser access" part of their basic accounts. Thank you in advance!
  2. Apologies if this has been asked and answered but I didn't find a result. How can I backup the contents of my account via web browser? (All at once, not note-by-note.) Backup meaning store a local copy that could "restore" my account, should something happen to the notes. Archive database might be the term I'm looking for. It doesn't need to be in an accessible format outside of Evernote but that would be ideal. From my understanding the workaround for free accounts using two devices already is to deselect a device, then add Windows 7 app as a device, backup, then fix sy
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