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  1. Extract the 2nd Line of the Note body based on the Plain Text of the Note Set the Note Title to the 2nd body line Insert the original Title at top of Note Body. Reviewing the content.enml file for the note I see the original Title inserted as a first line [x] The original contents are now located in a sub div level You might want to review your "insert" process
  2. That's odd because the value is not stored as a date/time, just a number (number of seconds since an epoch date) It's a simple sort
  3. 200 seems a bit excessive, but I do believe in using external editors for extended features. The Evernote editor is good for basic notes; can you provide more details on your requirements. >>like the Oxford System with scribzee I use an iPad - Evernote/Scannable works for scanning/importing pages, no Oxford/Moleskin required. - I also use handwritten notes on my iPad. I use the Notability app.
  4. Agreed, the HTML code can get complex. My intention is to ignore the code as much as possible and just focus on switching lines 1 and 2. Also updating the title, which requires stripping the html code from the line
  5. Can you give us specific examples, maybe a screenshot
  6. Field1 and Field2 in the note's metadata I'm well aware of the notebook features; sync/local, private/shared, default, offline Also the tag features; multiple entries per note, unlimited hierarchy. >>For instance, you have a ‘Work’ and a ‘Private’ or ‘Home’ notebook, because you are fairly sure you’ll never need to mix them. Work/Private/Home tags work for me; mixed or not.
  7. fwiw The screenshot below shows the HTML content of my test note. It's one continuous string, I inserted line breaks for clarity Keeping this simple, notice that each "line" begins with <div I use AppleScript's text delimiters to parse the contents into "lines", and again to reassemble the contents edited; Added sample code, extract note content, parse, update, unparse, overwrite note contents tell application "Evernote" set theNote to item 1 of (get selection) set theText to HTML content of theNote -- retrieve the note contents set oldDelims to AppleScript's text item delimiters set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {"<div"} set noteLines to every text item of theText -- parse the content into note lines set updatedNoteLines to {} repeat with i from 1 to count of noteLines -- pass through every note line set end of updatedNoteLines to (item i of noteLines) -- copy to updated note lines, do updates end repeat (this is the place to switch lines 1 and 2) set updatedText to the updatedNoteLines as string -- unparse the updated note lines set HTML content of theNote to updatedText --- overwrite note contents --set title of theNote to ....... set AppleScript's text item delimiters to oldDelims end tell
  8. Can you add more details. It's not a feature I use but I can annotate PDFS
  9. To make the results more useful; include additional search arguments. >>It can easily be checked that most searches are done by current users with the ‘title:’ keyword in front of the searched terms. The keyword is actually intitle: This applies to the specific text argument, for example search intitle:conference You can add additional arguments, global or intitle The search feature is documented at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828 >>1. Boolean Agreed. The lack of both and/or arguments is limiting >>Including the property of belonging (or not belonging) to a certain set of notebooks. Agreed. Not connected with the boolean request, but the notebook restrictions are questionable. Tag searches are more functional.
  10. Evernote has an OCR function, identifying text in images and PDFs, making them searchable. This is a premium account server function, so it's not available for notes in Local Notebooks To make PDFs searchable, you can run your own OCR function using an external program. I use PDF OCR X.
  11. I'm one saying Evernote's editing features are limited, more suited to basic notes. My objective is to let users know we don't have to be restricted by the Evernote limitations; we can use other editors that are more suited to the requirements.
  12. On my Mac; Select the Notes, right click, Save Attachments
  13. In case you wanted the answer to this You should be selecting two tags for your view: Month and Day (Sept and 01) But you haven't addressed the year
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