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  1. I have the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil Gen 2. I’m keen to create handwritten notes. There are two things that are important to me:

    1) Transcribing my chickenscratches into text

    2) Integrating those notes into Evernote for viewing and archiving

    DTLow, based on these latest hardware technologies and what’s available on the market, what do you think amongst: Nebo, Notability, GoodNotes, Penultimate, and — dare I say it — OneNote?

    Thanks, appreciate your insights.


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    2. DTLow


      Transcription in Notability is public

      A  point for Notability is audio recordings.  The plaback is sync'd with the notes.

      I haven't done a detailed comparison of the products.

    3. billpetro


      Right, the audio is not necessary for me. I’m evaluating:

      • Notability — I like the writing experience , but notes saved via PDF into EN don’t seem to support OCR search
      • GoodNotes - better shape integration, EN search of uploaded PDFs work  
      • Note Shelf 2 - notes saved to EN are visible, not hidden in PDFs!
      • Nebo - fabulous transcription and editing.  Notes saved to EN are visible in the Note Preview pane , but not on right side.
      • Penultimate - nice EN integration, but “meh” as a tool. 
    4. DTLow


      You might want to post in the public forum to get more feedback

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