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  1. Maybe this doesn't work on every phone, but what I just did to send a page to Evernote is the following : 1. Long press somewhere in the page and mark either the whole page or the part that you want to clip 2. Select "share" in the menu that appears at the top of the page 3. select Evernote 4. Add tags etc to your note, if you want 5. Done
  2. For me, this would also be a great improvement, but I could imagine that the reason that this is not being implemented is that there is a rather easy (though imperfect) workaround: just tag all notes in a notebook with a certain tag and then excluded that tag from the search. Of course, that requires updating that tag every now and then, so that's why it's not perfect. So I would like to add a little tweak to this feature request: For me it is important that a certain tag (read: notebook) is by default excluded from all my searcher, i.e. I do not want to become active to exclude those tags but to include them. (Reason: I have loads of scanned books and pdf articles on my EN but most of the time I'm not interested in getting any hits from those (and there are always loads) but from "ordinary notes". So my literature folder (alternatively: my literature tag) should be by default excluded from the search. That should be rather easy to implement as it does not require any changes in the interface, only in the software clients. /Christoph
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