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  1. I am deeply concerned by the radio silence. The same company that routinely sends me useless spam about “new ways to get organized” is completely silent for three months after a disastrous product rollout? No expectation setting on what was and wasn’t supported in the “all new” version? No apologies for lost data and horrible user experience? The “Contact Evernote” page has only snail mail addresses on it? No way to provide feedback outside of these forums? I look back to Apple’s botched release of Apple Maps as an example of how great leaders respond to problem releases. Immediate and candid acknowledgement of problems. Taking responsibility from the top. Offering short term mitigation’s and work-around while taking a long-term approach to bettering the product. Prioritizing customer communication, experience, and trust. These attributes have been sadly lacking during the Evernote v10 fiasco and, more than the release failures themselves, force me to doubt the future of the platform. Disappointing. Evernote: You may have needed a new codebase but right now what you need most is a new CEO. - Tom
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