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  1. Ok, I just noticed, you can create a check box with []+SPACE and [x]+SPACE to have a checkbox in the middle of a sentence and not in a format of bullet.
  2. In the recent updates, something changed about the checboxes. Now there are 2 different types of checkbox in Evernote. One which you can set as a list indent or the one you can add in the middle of the text. The bad thing about the UX is the previous model for checkboxes with ctrl+shift+c has been changed to the bullet like item. So it's no more possible to add a checkbox in the middle of the text with that short key and If you want to do that the only way is to use the drop down insert menue (the + icon) in the upper right part of the context. If someone know that the new insert checkbox has a new short key please share it with us. Thanks.
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