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  1. BTDT, still not working. There was no work chat involved. I followed the instructions, it Did. Not. Work.
  2. How does this staff member response count as a "solution"? It is marked as a solution.
  3. Soooo... can you be more specific with your instructions here. I DID these things. I went to 'Shared with me' on the iPad on a fresh install, expecting to see the Shared Notebook listed and it was not. Nor was the Note I shared with the iPad user. Said "0 Shared Notebooks, 0 Shared Notes." How do you add a notebook that someone has shared with you exactly? Can you describe where to find this option, in what menu, exactly?
  4. I am having similar problems getting a Shared Notebook to appear on a fresh iPad install of the Evernote app. Wasted a lot of time refreshing things and no result. I was amazed at how poor the documentation is on the feature. Also, the staff response above is listed as a 'solution' when all they did was ask for more documentation from the user. There is no SOLUTION on this thread as yet.
  5. Hello. I have scoured these forums, the help files and the web for help with troubleshooting this. Bupkis. I want to share a Notebook with a family member who is new to Evernote. I set up an account for her on her iPad. I went to my Evernote on my iOS device to the Notebook in question and went through the share process, and it gave an error message. So I went to my desktop Evernote and went through the share process both for a single note and for the Notebook, and it says it is now shared to this family member. I go back to the iPad, and it Does. Not. Show. Up. Quit the ap
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